Executive Summary

          International Research Foundation [Revised July 2014]

The Greeks had a concept of medicine in which the physician was never to do harm as he practiced the healing arts. Much of modern medicine has forgotten this basic tenet. As a society we witness so many modern drugs and procedures where the patient is constantly put at risk, often with little or no benefit. We have, as a society, forgotten this important rule of medicine “if nothing else do no harm”.

The drugs, procedures and instruments that are completing development through the International Research Foundation, Inc. cause no harm, have no side effects, and provide a substantial “quality of life” to the patient. Much of this work has taken over thirty years to develop and document. They represent new approaches in neurology, immunology, cancer and nutrition. These are not “alternative medicines” but rather modern approaches to old problems.

The research and development work that will be done over the next two years will allow these new technologies to emerge as drugs and procedures that will change how health care is delivered and managed.

The use of peptides and proteins is a new and exciting field. They represent a new class of drugs that do no harm and provide amazing clinical results. An example is a novel complex amino acid supplement that literally takes patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from wheelchair to walking. All other MS drugs disable the immune system and have serious side effects. This supplement has no side effects, and is the only approach to the treatment of MS that enhances the patient’s immune response and gives back motor function and balance. This unique approach has been used in patients to enhance stem cell response. The stem cell research will be expanded as well.

Recent advances in Nano technology allow proteins, peptides and other compounds to be much more effective. Our work over the next two years will evaluate the safety and efficacy of a number of compounds that will be used in neurology, immunology, cancer and nutrition. There are already a number of nanonutritional products that are already commercially available and that will be tested in expanded human clinical trials.

We have evaluated small hand-held devices that eliminate pain. While the mechanisms of the device are different from the drugs, the technology has no adverse side effects and is currently approved by FDA. We have used this technology for pain relief in both MS and ALS patients with amazing immediate results.

The reality of an International Center of Excellence will allow the training and education of health care professionals from all over the world. They will learn how to best use these new tools that cause no harm. Our initial programs were very successful. We believe that education and training of the patient and the health care provider is critical, and we believe we now are able to expand these essential educational efforts.

The ongoing research and development will be carried out by the International Research Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization. The Foundation will coordinate, manage and fund various projects in neurology, immunology, cancer, nutrition and education.